Giving Hope To Life.

Austin Oliech Sep. 15th 21

Working at Maua Kids Organization means wearing many hats — and there’s a lot of content out there to support it all. However, it can sometimes be hard to figure out where to look for different strategies

Sometimes you need to learn something specific, like how to come up with a better idea to reach out to young kids and help them solve miseries through their own talent.

Other times, you might want to learn more about the state of the nonprofit sector as a whole, like what approach your project is taking such that it identifies the problem and brings a suitable solution that suits the community`s need.

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    Anonymous 30 Jan 2021 Reply
    I am an ordinary guy from Mombasa living in Nairobi and just happened to hear about Maua Kids Music concert Saturday morning, the day of your concert. Since my close friend from Mombasa happened to be on leave and decided to visit me
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      Austin Oliech 30 Jan 2021 Reply
      I was born and raised in the slums of Korogocho Nairobi Kenya, and growing up, I witnessed lots of families going though hardship. Being a victim of poverty, lacking infrastructure and having friends who came from broken families. I wished to be something better when grow up so that I could impact and leave the society a better place than found it.
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    Austin Oliech 30 Jan 2021 Reply
    Getting help from a community member gave me the confidence to come back to the society and identify what the problem was. it dawned on me that the solution to all the problems was to create an energizing cycle so that our kids would grow up and become God-fearing, talented, civilized, community-oriented individuals.
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