Kids Choir

About The Choir

About The Choir

At Maua Kids Organization We believe that children have more potential than people think, are agents of change, and are super talented. We also believe our future lies in the hands of children, especially when they are equipped with the right leadership assistance in whatever skill they have. Therefore, Maua Kids Organization runs a movement of kids' worship/music team that envisions influencing fellow kids and adults, and in turn affect performing art positively as it helps solve miseries. Our goal is to train and let them shine through whatever skill they have.

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Book The Choir

Book the Choir

Maua Kids Music is well trained and have recorded gospel songs with positive content both for the church and the society. Their songs and dances incorporate choreographies from the Kenyan cultures and the dances to celebrate the beauty of Africa. To book the Kids choir for performances, kindly fill out the form provided here.

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Partner With The Choir

Partner with the Choir

Partnering with the choir enables the organization to successfully operate and manage the kids’ choir through various production stages. By pledging monthly gift or support of any kind, you become a life group member of Maua Kids Organization who gives Hope to young Lives in our community through this project. Therefore, our ask is that you help us be agents of change within the community by letting the children shine through what they have.

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Maua Kids is a for Impact organization: The organization deals with the development of performing arts and instilling Godly values and leadership skills upon impoverished children in the slums and undeveloped regions of Kenya.


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