Maua Kids` School

Maua Kids` School, Korogocho Slum

Through the performances done by the children's choir and support from well-wishers, we have built a primary school facility suitable for an informal settlement (slum) in Korogocho, Nairobi, Kenya - to provide high-quality education for poor families living below $365 per year. Our aim is to give affordable access to education to children who have no access to education so they can break out of the vicious cycle of extreme poverty. Since 2005 we have given access to education to over 4,000 children from the slum and we want to enroll more children every year



Challenges in summary
Main Challenges in summary

It is very expensive and completely impossible for children from families living in informal settlements in slums and earning less than $365 per year to access education in private or public schools because of huge admission fees that range from $50 to $200 and other requirements like buying uniforms. In informal settlements, many children are marginalized when it comes to access to education because the spaces are small to construct permanent schools and, if any, they are far away and congested.


Solution, New Starlight Primary School

Our school which is commonly known as NEW STARLIGHT PRIMARY SCHOOL provides free entry for children from poor families without admission fees or school uniforms which are a big hindrance to many children in accessing education for the first time. In the slums, the spaces are small and 'Containers' or `Abandoned Blocks` provide the most suitable permanent schools. Our school is within the community and children can easily walk there without using any means of transport. Over the past years, our project has enrolled more children to access education from our school


Long-Term Impact
Our Long-Term Impact

Access to education means that children from less disadvantaged families will gain literary and numeracy skills. This will break the vicious cycle of poverty and will impact positively the community by contributing to the local economy and reducing child marriages and early pregnancies, in particular empowering the girl child. Through our school, we are able to break the CRAZY CYCLE and turn it into an ENERGIZING CYCLE. The school started in 2005 in the slum on rented and abandoned premises, and over 4,000 children have accessed education and some are now in colleges.

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Maua Kids is a for Impact organization: The organization deals with the development of performing arts and instilling Godly values and leadership skills upon impoverished children in the slums and undeveloped regions of Kenya.


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